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Anette Hauskov Graungaard

Postdoctoral fellow, GP, PhD

The Research Unit for General Practice
Department of Public Health
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 5
P.O. Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Telefon: +45 353-37519


Research interests
My primary research interest is related to health, coping and resources when being next of kin.  In my PhD project I studied parents of severely disabled children and in my on-going study I explore health concerns, symptoms, coping, resources and needs in children of a parent with cancer. Concurrently I examine their parents’ worries, needs and interpretation of their child's health and wellbeing. The design includes individual interviews with child and parents as well as a questionnaire survey of child and parents. My theoretical starting point is the connection between psycho-social stress, bodily symptoms and development of disease. Furthermore I work with recurrent pain in children, the prevalence, causality, consequences and treatment of childhood pain in general practice.

I also have a research interest in gynecologic consultations in general practice, especially the challenge of reassuring healthy women of their reproductive health and normality.

Finally through my teaching of medical students I have developed an interest in teaching communicative skills and conducted a study of patient-centered learning and communication skills related to a course in Early Patient Contact at the University of Copenhagen.

Ongoing research
- Health and wellbeing in school aged children when a parent has cancer - a mixed method
- Pain in schoolchildren
- Danchild

PhD thesis
How do they manage?
The development of a theory of resource-creation through a qualitative study of parents of a severely disabled child.
You can read the thesis here

Teaching and supervision areas

  • Teaching 1st and 12th semester medical students.
  • Teaching at research training for doctors specialising in general medicine.   
  • Supervision of medical students and doctors specialising in general medicine.

Selected publications