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Ann Dorrit Guassora

Associate professor, MD, PhD

The Research Unit for General Practice
Department of Public Health 
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 5
P.O. Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 353-27157
Cell: +45 30 30 95 25

Senior researcher, MD, PhD

Areas of interest
My fields of interest are qualitative research methods, the relationship between doctor and patient, prevention, consultation research, and organization research.

My PhD dissertation “Balancing trust, morality, and relevance” (2008) is about the consultation in general practice as a setting for advice on smoking cessation. The study is based on interviews with general practitioners and a selection of their patients with the observation of their consultations as a starting point. In the analysis, I have primarily used Goffman’s understanding of interaction.

Ongoing research
The GP as a facilitator for the cancer patient in cooperation with the hospital.

Presently, Rikke Dalsted and I are working on a research project about the cancer patients’ courses seen from an inter-organisational perspective. The analytical focus is coordination. Previously, I have worked with prevention and the subjective state of health.

In cooperation with the group of organisers, I direct the Project Forum of the Research Unit. The Project Forum is an internal series of meetings with in-depth method discussions of ongoing research projects.

Primary areas of research
The doctor-patient relationship, trust in the doctor-patient relationship, prevention, consultation research, organisation research.