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Lise Dyhr

Senior researcher, GP, PhD


The Research Unit for General Practice
Department of Public Health 
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 5
P.O. Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 353-27154

MA in medicine 1984, Specialist in General Medicine 1998, PhD 1997.

Primary areas of research
Health service research, in particular with a focus on qualitative aspects, research supervision, project managing.

My primary field of interest is an exploration of the meeting between the GP and the patient. For example the question of how we communicate with the patient, in what ways other elements than what we say are at stake, and how we handle these challenges in the most optimal way, professionally speaking. I have had a special interest in doctors’ meetings with immigrant patients. In recent years, my focus has been broader though, as I have focused on the meeting with socially marginalised patients, where one could ask the following question: who and what is vulnerable, and where should an extra effort be made?

Ongoing research
The narratives of GP’s used as a method in the quality development of general practice.