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Marius Brostrøm Kousgaard

Senior researcher, PhD, MSc Political Science

The Research Unit for General Practice
Department of Public Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Copenhagen 
Øster Farimagsgade 5
P.O. Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 353-37354

Primary research areas
Health care research, implementation, organization, technology, evaluation, complex interventions, qualitative methods 

Latest publication

Overbeck G, Kousgaard MB, Davidsen AS: The work of care managers in implementing collaborative care. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. First online 28.12 2017. Doi: 10.1111/jpm.12449.

Due TD, Thorsen T, Waldorff FB, Kousgaard MB: Role enactment of facilitation in primary care – a qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research 2017, 17:593.

Andersen MK, Pedersen LB, Siersma V, Bro F, Reventlow S, Søndergaard J, Kousgaard MB, Waldorff FB: Accreditation in general practice in Denmark: study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Trials 2017, 13;18(1):69.

Overbeck G, Davidsen AS, Kousgaard MB: Enablers and barriers to implementing collaborative care for anxiety and depression: a systematic qualitative review. Implementation Science 2016, 11:165.

Nixon M, Kousgaard MB: Organising medication discontinuation: A qualitative study exploring the views of general practitioners toward discontinuing statins. BMC Health Services Research, 2016;16:226.

Waldorff FB, Nicolaisdóttir DR, Kousgaard MB, Reventlow S, Søndergaard J, Thorsen T, Andersen MK, Pedersen LB, Hutters CL, Siersma VS, Bro F: Almost half of the Danish GPs have negative a priori attitudes towards a mandatory accreditation programme. Danish Medical Journal 2016; 63(9):A5266

Kousgaard MB, Joensen ASK, Thorsen T: The challenges of boundary spanners in supporting inter-organizational collaboration in primary care – a qualitative study of general practitioners in a new role. BMC Family Practice, 2015; 16:17

Andersen JH, Thorsen T, Kousgaard MB: Praktiserende læger savner viden om de kommunale sundhedstilbud. Tidsskrift for Dansk Sundhedsvæsen, nr. 4, pp. 24-31, 2015.

Lippert ML, Reventlow S, Kousgaard MB: The uses and implications of standards in general practice consultations. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine. First online June 25, 2015, doi:10.1177/1363459315590245.