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Kirsten Lykke

Postdoctoral research fellow, GP, PhD


The Research Unit for General Practice
Department of Public Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 5
P.O. Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Telephone: +45 353-27146

Specialist in general medicine

I have been associated the Research Unit since 2004 as a Phd student. My dissertation”The child Consultation in General Practice – getting insight into the child’s well-being” was defended and assumed on 23 June 2009. The dissertation was based on a qualitative study consisting of focus group discussions, individual interviews, and observations of consultations. The theoretical reference was D. Schön’s theories on Reflective practice. My future research is focusing on children in general practice, especially on prevention and children with psychosocial problems.
From 1988-2006 I was a GP in Holbæk, now I am a part time GP in the general practice clinic at the University of Copenhagen.

Primary areas of research
Children in general practice
Prevention and children
Children with psychosocial problems
Child neglect
Preventive child health care

Ongoing research
Dialogue in child consultation in general practice with children who do not thrive emotionally and socially