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Present position

Hanne Hollnagel –Senior researcher,  Professor emerita,, Specialist in Family Medicine.

Retired 2007 as Research Director of the Research Unit of General Practice in Copenhagen

Address: The Research Unit for General Practice, Centre of Health and Society, University of Copenhagen, Øster Farimagsgade 5, PO Box 2099, 1014 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Telephone +45 35 32 71 mobile: +45 20 42 89 79 e-mail:

Biographical data

Born 30.08.42 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MD University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969
Medical doctoral dissertation, Copenhagen, Denmark, Ph.D./Dr.Med.Sci 1985

Professional career
Working as general practitioner/family physician in Copenhagen 1982-2007 combined with research

Researcher at the population studies in Glostrup 1976-79, Head of the health survey of 40-years old

Research fellow 1976-77 at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - 6 months course in epidemiology and medical statistics.

Associate Professor at Institute of General Practice, University of Copenhagen, 1979-93.

Visiting Professor at Section for General Practice, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, University of Bergen, Norway, 1993-96.

Full time Professor in general practice/family medicine and head of Section for General Practice, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, combined with one day a week clinical work, 1995-99.

1999-2007: Research Director and head of Central Research Unit of General Practice in Copenhagen, combined with clinical work one day a week.

From 2008 after retirement: Associated to the Research Unit of General Practice as part time senior researcher/consultant

Areas of own research

1. Longitudinal epidemiological survey of a general population cohort born 1936 and health examined at age 40, 45, 50, and 60 years. My doctoral thesis is about the most common health problems in the population. I am especially interested in “self-rated general health” now being analysed with follow-up data until 2008

2. Research in general practice about reasons for contact, diagnosis, and activities.

3. Qualitative research in general practice about clinical communication in order to shift the attention of the general practitioner from risk factors to self-assessed health resources

Since 1980 published 100 numbers. Of these approximately 70 scientific papers with own research  in peer-reviewed medical journals. Several of the publications are written in Danish, some of them with abstract in English.

Selected research publications

Hollnagel H, Malterud K. Shifting attention from objective risk factors to patient’s selfassessed healthresources: A clinical model for general practice. Family Practice 1995; 12: 423-29.

Møller LF, Kristensen TS, Hollnagel H. Self-rated health as a predictor of coronary heart disease. 15 years follow-up of 40-year-old Danish men and women. J Epidemiol  Community Health 1996; 50: 423-28.

Malterud K, Hollnagel H. Women’s self-assessed personal health resources. Scand  J Prim Health Care 1997; 15: 163-68.

Malterud K, Hollnagel H. Talking with women about personal health resources in general practice. Key questions about salutogenesis. Scand  J Prim Health Care 1998; 16: 66-71.

Hollnagel H. Explaining risk factors to patients during a general practice consultation. Conveying group-based epidemiological knowledge to individual patients. Scand  J Prim Health Care 1999; 17: 3-5.

Malterud K, Hollnagel H. Encouraging the strengths of woman patients. A case study from general practice on empowering dialogues. Scand J Public Health 1999; 27: 254-59.

Hollnagel H, Malterud K. From risk factors to health resources in medical practice. Med Health Care Philos 2000; 3: 257-64.

Hollnagel H, Malterud K, Witt K. Men’s self-assessed personal health resources: approaching patients’ strong points in general practice. Family Practice 2000; 17: 529-34.

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Malterud K, Hollnagel H. Avoiding humiliations in the clinical encounter. Scand J prim health care 2007;25:69-74

Nielsen ABS, Siersma V, Hiort LC, Drivsholm T, Kreiner S, Hollnagel H. Self-rated general health among 40–year-old Danes and its associatrion with all-cause mortality at 10-,20-, and 29 years follow-up. Scand. J Public Health 2008;36:3-11

Nielsen ABS, Siersma V, Hiort LC, Drivsholm T, Kreiner S, Hollnagel H. The impact of changes in self-rated general health on 28-year mortality among middle-aged Danes. Scand. J  Prim health Care 2009; 27(3):160-66

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