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Olivia Marie Spalletta

Guest researcher, PhD candidate in Anthropology, Brandeis University in Boston

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Københavns Universitet, IFSV
Center for Sundhed og Samfund
Øster Farimagsgade 5
Postboks 2099
1014 København K

Mobil: +45 31163126
E-mail: olivia.spalletta@sund.ku.dk


Medical anthropology and genetics, Down syndrome, health and wellbeing, educational anthropology; Denmark, North America.

Olivia’s research investigates what the rapid disappearance of Down syndrome (Ds) in Denmark means for families still raising a child with this diagnosis. Parents and educators of children diagnosed with Ds often create highly individualized treatment programs, and pre-dissertation research suggests that this leads to novel interpretations of disease and prognosis. Recently, in an effort to bolster the inclusion of children with Ds and other developmental disabilities, the Danish government began mainstreaming disabled children, potentially withdrawing daily access to vital educational and medical services. Thus, this research explores how policies intended to improve inclusion can paradoxically produce the opposite result, and how exclusion from care can become a conduit for invention and healing.