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20. august 2013

Being a GP in the Nordic Countries

Bogen "Being a GP" in the Nordic Countries" er netop udkommet. Forfatterne C. Tulinius, A. Hibble, P. Stensland, C. E. Rudebeck beskriver selv bogen således:

This is a book about life and challenges for GPs in the Nordic Countries.

The book is based on an arts-based qualitative multi-method study (2009 - 2013), where we invited GPs, GP trainees, and all others working in general practice, to submit creative or artistic descriptions of their work  visualising what it means to work in Nordic general practice today.

107 GPs, GP trainees and medical students took up the challenge, and worked with us through interviews, photo contributions, and exhibitions of their poems, sculptures, film, water colours, drawings and collages at the scientific Nordic GP conferences in 2009 and 2011.

The major part of this book expresses their perceptions through the many different kinds of creative and artistic contributions, and their descriptions of the meanings of these contributions.
It is structured by the themes resulting from the qualitative research analysis of all contributions.

At the back you will find “The wordy version” describing the project in the more traditional categories of design, methods, results and a few questions and remarks from the project group, both on content of the results and on the methodology we have used in this study.

So, you can read this book as a report of a qualitative study which has used creativity and the arts in the data collection and the communication of the results to describe the aesthetic, sensual and emotional sides of being a professional.  Or, you can “read” the book as a series of visual impressions, supported by the texts which the contributors wrote when sending in their photos and the quotes from interviews where they described what they wanted to express with their contributions.

You can see a copy of the book at the Research Unit of General Practice, building 24R, and should you be interested in your own copy of the book, it is sold through the printing firm Blurb at