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11. oktober 2011

Gæsteforsker fra Portugal

Ph.d. studerende Bruno Heleno er i efteråret 2011 tilknyttet Forskningsenheden for Almen Praksis i København. Bruno Heleno forsker i fysiske bivirkninger ved kræftscreeningsprogrammer.

Bruno Heleno, a 30 year old Portuguese GP, has been affiliated with the Research Unit for General Practice. He has been given a three year grant from the Portuguese Government (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) to do a PhD project on adverse events of cancer screening programmes.

This project stems of his previous experience, both as a GP in an urban primary care clinic in Lisbon, and as a medical assessor at the Portuguese Drug Regulatory Agency.
One of his project main objectives will be to assess the completeness and appropriateness of screening-related harm reporting in randomized controlled clinical trials of cancer screening systems.

Also, he will work with data from the Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial, which has randomized 4,104 current or former smokers to either lung cancer screening with annual low-dose CT scanning or usual care. Data for this trial’s prevalence round has already been published and preliminary data from the last incidence round is in press.

Bruno will focus on the physical (somatic) harms of lung cancer screening.

He will be involved in methodological research comparing clinical trial data with registry data.