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The Research Unit for General Practice in Copenhagen was established in 1978 with a connection to the Institute of General Medicine at the University of Copenhagen. The Research Unit is a privately funded institution with the purposes of 1) doing research in the areas of general practice and the health care system and 2) advising and assisting research in general practice and adjacent areas. The Research Unit acts according to articles that were agreed upon on December 1st 1985 by the Organization of General Practitioners (PLO) and the then Negotiation Committee of the National Health Service, now called the Region’s Board for Wages and Tariffs (RTLN). The Research Unit is financed by the foundation that has been made by these organizations, ‘The Danish Research Foundation for General Practice’. A consultative research committee has been appointed to direct the institution research politically; it consists of professor, specialist in General Medicine Irene Hetlevik (chairman - Trondheim), Professor Niels Benzen, and GP Peder Andreas Halvorsen (Tromsø). In 2006, the Research Unit signed a contract with the Regional Board of Further Education for Medical Practitioners in Region East about conducting the research training in Region East.

The Research Unit has researchers with instructive qualifications on all academic levels of research, quality development, evaluation and medical technology evaluation. The researchers have different academic backgrounds, and together they constitute a creative, interdisciplinary environment, which is being used for both single projects and for research groups and method forums specific for certain areas. Thus, there are research groups concerning diabetes, organization and implementation, children’s health and illnesses, cancer, development of theory, and method forums on quantitative and qualitative methods. A large portion of the researchers take part in both subject political and research political development- and committee work.


The Research Unit is directed by research director, GP, anthropologist, Dr.Med.Sci. Susanne Reventlow. The board of the Research Unit consists of Anders Kühnau (chairman), GP Henrik Dibbern, GP Tue Flindt Müller, and Jens Stenbæk.

Employee conditions

The Research Unit employs the full-time equivalent of 20 researchers distributed between 37 researchers, who are either permanently employed (the full-time equivalent of 6 researchers) or externally financed (the full-time equivalent of 14 researchers). Among the researchers are GP’s, doctors, sociologists, statisticians, nurses, anthropologists, cultural sociologists, and graduates of Science of Public Health and Political Science.