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14. oktober 2016

International workshop about the use of computed tomography

An international workshop about the use of computed tomography (CT) in examining asymptomatic people, which is often referred to as individual health assessment (IHA) was held in Seoul, South Korea, on the 26th of September 2016. IHA was identified as a global phenomenon unenthusiastically tolerated, and not actively promoted, structured or regulated in most countries. The workshop included presentations about the state of the art for IHA and some considerations in relation to its justification, in different regions of the world. The following topics were discussed:

  • Questions around terminology and culture of IHA practice,
  • Review of IHA in some countries, regions and international bodies,
  • Dilemmas for participants in IHA,
  • Risk communication, education and training for professions and public,
  • The desirability of guidelines and clinical audit,
  • Social, ethical, public health and resource considerations,
  • A framework for IHA and regulatory considerations.

John Brodersen was invited to give the keynote lecture but was unable to attend. His lecture was thus recorded and presented at the workshop, and thus it is also possible for others to see it. It is about the potential intended benefits and the potential unintended harms of examining asymptomatic people with CT. The focus of the lecture is about overdiagnosis of lung cancer when asymptomatic people are examined with CT. You can watch it by clicking the picture below: