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The purpose of The Research Unit for General Practice in Copenhagen is to perform research in the areas of general practice and health care. The Research Unit also gives advice and practical assistance to general practitioners and other people contacting us about general medical research.

Research unit

The Research Unit is situated in the General Medical House at the Center of Health and Society. We are working in close cooperation with the Section of General Practice and other sections of the Department of Public Health, and with the two Research Units for General Practice in Aarhus and Odense.

Learn about the unit

Do you have an idea for a research project that we can help you make real? Four times a year, we invite potential researchers-to-be to come and learn more about the research environment. If you are already a researcher in search of collaborators, you can join our research meetings and method groups.


We do socially scientific, humanistic and epidemiological research which is clinically relevant and interdisciplinary. The purpose of our research is to improve and develop
- the treatment of diseases,
- the dialogue with the patients and
- the cooperation within the health care system.

Research training

The Research Unit is in charge of the research training of Region East’s general medical specialty training. This mandatory course prepares the general practitioners of the future for independent, continuous further education.