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15 April 2015

Symptom Research in Primary Care: Current Status and Future Agenda

Symptom Research in Primary Care: Current Status and Future Agenda

We are very pleased to announce the first multidisciplinary symposium on Symptom Research in Primary Care.

We aim to bring together researchers from various disciplines to present state-of-the-art research on symptoms and to engage in discussions on understanding and professional care of this phenomenon in the wider context of primary care.

Both in clinical work and in research, we face changes in clinical decision-making as the medical context is increasingly based on technology and risk assessment. While a more evidence-based approach to symptoms may improve patient outcome and optimize the use of health care resources, symptom research remains an emerging scientific field.

Conference themes are:

1)      Symptoms in context

2)      Symptoms and diagnostics

3)      Medically unexplained symptoms

4)      Symptoms and their professional management

We invite contributions on both symptoms as ‘manifestations of disorders’ and ‘symbolic constructs’. We encourage presentation of research on unclarified symptoms; symptoms as predictors of disease; and the cultural embeddedness of symptoms and symptom experiences, and their history and politics.

We believe that both theoretical and clinical reflections on symptom research are crucial for the development and further professionalization of primary care, especially to our understanding of patients, their practices and interactions with the frontline of our healthcare systems.

This two-day event will offer a wide range of interdisciplinary networking and will give you plenty of opportunity for establishing new international research partnerships.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 April 2015.

Please visit conference webpage for theme descriptions and further program information:

This invitation is distributed through existing networks and may be forwarded to other researchers in the field, but please note that there is a limit of 50 participants for the event.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                   

  • Mette Bech Risør, Professor of Medical Anthropology, The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Norway
  • Kurt Kroenke, Professor of Medicine, Indiana University, USA
  • Per Fink, Professor of Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Tim olde Hartman, PhD, Family Physician, Radboud University, The Netherlands
  • Frede Olesen, Professor of Medicine, The Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark


Marianne Rosendal, MD, PhD, Senior Researcher:

Mette Trøllund Rask, MSc (Health), PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow:

Rikke Sand Andersen, MSc (Anthropology), PhD, Senior Researcher:

Mette Bech Risør, MSc (Anthropology), PhD, Professor:

Dorte Jarbøl, MD, PhD, Senior Researcher:

Ann Dorrit Guassora, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow: